Data science for teams

Deepnote is a new kind of data science notebook. Jupyter-compatible with real-time collaboration and easy deployment.

Launch projects in one click

Explore and launch data science projects instantly – right in your browser. Your projects run on powerful hardware and no setup is required.

Compatible with Jupyter

Continue working on your existing Jupyter projects in Deepnote. Once you are done, everything will be stored in a standard ipynb file.

Fully managed infrastructure

With one click, your projects will run on powerful machines in the cloud and scale automatically. Need more GPUs? Easy.

Fully managed environment in one click

See how it feels, for free.

Collaboration done better

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Real-time collaboration
Discuss and debug your models with your colleagues and see what everyone does in real-time.
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Track changes to your notebooks over time and always know who implemented them with blame tools.
Code review
Have your colleagues review your models and results, track their comments and notify them when you change your code.
Fully reproducible
Coming soon
Deepnote is a standardized environment where you can add more dependencies. Your work can be reproduced by anyone.

Making you more productive

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Variables & better plots
See the internal state of your program at a glance with variable explorer and make discovering patterns in your data easier with interactive plots.
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Code intelligence
Develop faster with intelligent autocomplete and let configurable linting tools point out bugs before they break your long training jobs.
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Command palette
Browse your files and access all Deepnote features without lifting your hands from the keyboard with Command Pallete.
Coming soon
Pause execution of any cell from within the notebook and understand exactly what it does.

Compatible with your workflow

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Easy dataset management
Upload files, sync with S3 or connect to any database. Do it once, then have it available in all of your projects. No more usernames and passwords in your notebooks.
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Set up and monitor scheduled jobs in an intuitive interface. You’ll receive a notification when something doesn’t seem right.
Dashboards or APIs
Coming soon
Turn your notebooks or individual cells into an interactive dashboard that’s always up to date or create REST endpoints so your results can be used by machines.
Automated scaling
Coming soon
Deepnote makes sure your models can handle any number of requests and scale down to zero when you don’t use them.

Start working faster today

It’s free. How great is that?